Caring Acts of Tzedakah Week of March 10 – 16, 2023

Eisenstein Library Fund
Condolences To
Ruth Salup and Family from Carole Byer
In Memory Of
Ida Stern from Carole Byer
Fred Byer from Carole Byer
General Fund
In Memory Of
Esther Gordon from the Adath Israel Women’s League
Mazal Tov
to Denise Brand for being honored as this year’s Torah Fund Honoree from Mica & Mark Tyberg
Thank You To
Rabbi and Hazzan for honoring my mother’s memory as you did at the funeral and home services. You set the perfect tone and balance for the Sabra-born, American immigrant, Jewish traditionalist that she was. I will forever be grateful. From, Ora Gordon
Hazzan’s Discretionary Fund
In Memory Of
Arnold I. Robbins from Sue Robbins
Women’s League
In Honor Of
Denise Brand from Phyllis Stoolmacher
In Memory Of
Esther Gordon from Cheryl & Allen Gorski

Caring Acts of Tzedakah Week of February 24- March 2, 2023

Chesed Fund
Thank You To
Etta Bray and the Chesed Committee for their kindness and support during shiva for our mom Esther from Ron & Robyn Gordon
Eisenstein Library Fund
In Memory of
Anita Lipstein from Mark Lipstein
General Fund
Condolences To
The Gordon Family in Memory of Esther from Cindy & Bill Bright
In Memory Of
Gertrude I. Cohen & Bertha Troll from Shirley Olin
Jerome Robins from Sandra & Michael Widlitz
Ilene Nusblatt from Janice Pincus
Mazal Tov To
Adath Israel Congregation on your 100th Anniversary from Nati Kushner
Hazzan’s Discretionary Fund
Thank You To
Hazzan Katlin for organizing, directing, and performing in an outstanding 100th Anniversary Musical Revue from Etta Lavin Bray
Hazzan Katlin for his support and kindness in leading the shiva for our mom, Esther, from Robyn & Ron Gordon
Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
Thank You To
Rabbi Adler for your kindness and support in leading the funeral service for our mom, Esther, from Robyn & Ron Gordon
Sacks-Wilner Holocaust Education Fund
In Memory Of
Louis H. Linowitz & Naomi Graff from Marc Linowitz
Women’s League
Thank You To
Ira Snyder for his support and kindness in leading the shiva for our mom, Esther, from Robyn & Ron Gordon

Yahrzeits Week of February 25-March 3, 2023

February 25 Florence Banks
February 25 Rachel Leah Kamin
February 25 Fred Byer
February 25 Edward Olin

February 25 Samuel Leff
February 25 Ruth Mayfield
February 25 Morris Blank
February 26 Barney Prebluda
February 26 Selma Siskowitz
February 26 Louis Altman
February 26 Rose Anshen
February 26 Pauline Sherry
February 26 Ida Movshovitz
February 26 Rev. Salomon Tashlik
February 26 Evelyn Golden
February 26 Samuel Bash
February 26 Benjamin Kraun
February 26 Charles Wolf
February 26 Elizabeth Lipstein
February 26 Ruth Lubitz
February 26 Aryeh Sloshberg
February 26 Sue Ellen Drozd
February 26 Samuel Levin
February 26 Nandor Ritter
February 26 Adolph Peskin
February 27 Emanuel Levine
February 27 Sheila Burke Fisher
February 27 Seymore Laskey
February 27 Ida Grannick
February 27 Fannie Schildkraut
February 27 Louis Rappoport
February 27 Alan Plapinger
February 27 Dr. Sidney M. Kochman
February 27 Israel Vine
February 27 Dr. Henry L. Drezner
February 27 Fanny Robinson Miller
February 28 Helen Kraun
February 28 Michael H. Labman
February 28 Benjamin Silverstein
February 28 Samuel Bernstein
February 28 Hannah Gross
February 28 Jennie Palat
February 28 Samuel Kupersmit
February 28 Leon M. Robinson
February 28 Mark Rodkin
February 28 Sophia Sloshberg
March 1 Lena Schecter
March 1 Roslyn G. Gross
March 1 Joseph Tyler
March 1 Solomon Schall
March 1 Sol Hartenstein
March 1 Melvin Fromkin
March 1 Jerome Robins
March 1 Ethel Dalinsky
March 1 Harvey Morginstin
March 1 Samuel Feher
March 1 Isaac Lavine
March 1 Abraham Lavine
March 2 Florence Miller Gaspari
March 2 Annie Speisman
March 2 Shirley Greenfield
March 2 Bernard Alexander
March 2 Sylvia Lefkowitz
March 2 Dorothy Abramson
March 3 Esther Weinstein
March 3 Katherine Ferman
March 3 George Schwartz

Yahrzeits Week of February 18-24, 2023

February 18 Anne Weber
February 18 Mildred Teitz
February 19 Charlotte Rothschild
February 19 Ida Weisberg

February 20 Helen Lavine
February 20 Hannah Jahss
February 20 Edith Kunin
February 20 Rachel Kuna Finkle
February 20 Max Kessler
February 20 Morris Hurowitz
February 20 Samuel Ginberg
February 20 David B. Sherry
February 21 Betty M. Simpson
February 21 Sandra Ziman
February 21 Jack Tashlik
February 21 Arthur Spiezle
February 21 Leon Shutz
February 21 Jonathan Gittleman
February 21 Bella Ajzykowicz
February 21 Joseph Posen
February 21 Pinchas B. Morginstin
February 21 Hyman Yatskowitz
February 22 Mary Koppelman
February 22 Walter M. Jonas
February 22 Frieda Kalow
February 22 Samuel Perlman
February 22 David Gross Jr.
February 22 Shirley Rubman
February 22 Alexander N. Lavin
February 22 Martha Stone
February 23 Jennie R. Green
February 23 Evelyn Gurney
February 23 Gloria Kaufman
February 23 Fannie Gittleman
February 23 Fay Schragger
February 23 Alexander Spector
February 23 Herbert Rothenberg
February 23 Charles Fishberg
February 24 Richard Weinstein
February 24 Hyman Kamin
February 24 Elizabeth Levy
February 24 Abraham Weinberg
February 24 Geraldine Cutter Levy
February 24 Beatrice Kurtz
February 24 Irving Sachs
February 24 Harry Siegel
February 24 Leon Siskowitz
February 24 Harry L. Safir
February 24 Beatrice Margolis