Caring Acts of Tzedakah Week of July 21 – 27, 2023

General Fund

In Honor of

our daughter, Melissa Ganzman, marrying Christopher Stevens from Lisa & Jay Ganzman

In Memory of

Abraham Rothstein, father of Frederick Rothstein from Frederick & Suzanne Rothstein

David Zeller from Jessica & Robert Harris

my father, Peter Berg, from Lisa & Jay Ganzman

Samuel Gottesman from Jane & Fred Gottesman

Rabbi Adler’s Discretionary Fund

In Memory of

May Parker from Jon Parker

Elaine C. Millner and Louis Olin from Shirley Olin

Sacks-Wilner Education Fund

In Memory of

Ethel and David Rochestie from Patti & Thomas Minkin

Donald Ehrenberg from Michael & Ann Marie Ehrenberg