Sacks-Wilner Holocaust Education Program

Established by a bequest from Dr. Arthur and Esther Sacks-Wilner.

Dr. Arthur and Esther Sacks-WilnerDr. Arthur Sacks-Wilner had a life-long commitment to learning and to Judaism with a strong focus on European Jewish history and the Holocaust. In his lifetime, he was recognized for his service to this country, having received the Selective Service Medal by the United States Congress as well as Special Certificates of Appreciation from Harry S. Truman, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Richard Nixon.

Esther Sacks-Wilner was not only his dedicated lifelogo: sacks wilner holocaust educational programs partner, she was, in her own right, committed to the welfare of the greater Mercer County Jewish community. Through her work in Deborah Hospital, Greenwood House, the Sisterhood of Adath Israel, and Hadassah, Esther, like Arthur, saw the value of service to the larger community. It is the hope of the family that promoting Holocaust education will help establish a world in which hatred and prejudice will be diminished and freedom and dignity are increased.

17th Annual Program – 2024
Speaker: Debórah Dwork
Helping Themselves with the Help of Others: Jewish Rescue during the Holocaust

16th Annual Program – 2023
Speaker: Mark Schonwetter and Ann Arnold
Together: Journey for Survival

15th Annual Program – 2022
Speaker: Jori Epstein
The Upstander

14th Annual Program – 2021
Speakers: Daphne Geismar and Sharon Strauss
Invisible Years

13th Annual Program – 2020
Speakers: Rose Lipszyc and Janina Zak-Krasucki
There’s got to be someone who will help you

12th Annual Program – 2019
Speaker: Hetty Komjathy
Hetty’s Story

11th Annual Program – 2018
Speakers: Ernie Gross and Don Greenbaum
The Survivor and the Liberator

10th Annual Program – 2017
Speaker: Pastor Chris Edmonds
We are all Jews: Master Sergeant Roddie Edmonds

9th Annual Program – 2016
Speaker: Jeannie Opdyke Smith
One Woman’s Courage: Irene Gut Opdyke, Rescuer

8th Annual Program – 2015
Speaker: Dr. Jodi Weinstein
Unlikely Refuge: Japanese Assistance to European Jews During the Second World War

7th Annual Program – 2014
Speaker: Dr. Stephen Weiner
Dearest Ones: Letters of a Belgian Child Survivor

6th Annual Program – 2012
Speaker: Rabbi Jonathan Porath
How the Jews of America Saved Some of the Jews of the Holocaust

5th Annual Program – 2012
Speaker: Dr. David Bell
The Jews in France: A Paradoxical History

4th Annual Program – 2011
Speaker: Hazzan Stephen Stoehr
The Holocaust: How Much More Personal Can It Get?

3rd Annual Program – 2010
Speaker: Albert Barry
The Lost Wooden Synagogues of Eastern Europe

2nd Annual Program – 2009
Speaker: Stanlee Stahl
Jewish Foundation for the Righteous

1st Annual Program – 2008
Speaker: Mark Weitzman
The Life and Legacy of Simon Wiesenthal

17th Annual Program – 2024

16th Annual Program – 2023

14th Annual Program – 2021

11th Annual Program – 2018

10th Annual Program – 2017