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Yahrzeits Week of February 24 – March 1, 2024

February 24 Ilene Nusblatt
February 24 Albert Weinstein
February 25 Linda Komishone
February 26 Norman Pearlman

February 26 Jack I. Rathauser
February 26 Fanny Cohen
February 26 Joseph Greenwald
February 27 Sarah Sealteil
February 27 Isaac Byer
February 27 David Cooper
February 27 Isaac Byer
February 27 Bella S. Garb
February 28 Naomi Linowitz Graff
February 28 Harry Garb
February 28 Harriet Feuerstein
February 28 Fannie Markowitz
February 28 Nina yvedde Kelsey
February 28 Arthur Laskin
February 28 Julius Kay
February 29 Hinda Charna Hochman
February 29 Jennie Rosen
February 29 David L. Kelsey
February 29 Emanuel Knopf
February 29 Judith Joffe
February 29 Anne Sugerman
March 1 Helen Applebaum
March 1 Ida Stern
March 1 Tobias Goldman
March 1 Harry Cohn
March 1 Dr. David S. Krause
March 1 Robert Salup

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Caring Acts of Tzedakah February 16-22, 2024


In Memory of

Helen Applebaum, from Howard & Janet Cohen

Solomon Schall, from Howard & Janet Cohen

David Kaplan, from Bruce and Karen Kaplan

Samual Reiss, from Helene Reiss

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