27 days in the Omer

My favorite single memory of the past 27 years at Adath is impossible to pinpoint. However, My favorite memories are those that celebrate and bring the Adath community together. Because that’s what Adath is, and has always strived to be – a community. Family life cycle events are high on the list of personal favorite events; in times of joy and sorrow I feel connected to Adath. Our family’s Bar and Bat Mitzvah were joyful times to share. The support of our congregation on the Shabbat following 9/11 was palpable; we were all one in the sorrow of that day.

Community has been built by our participation in the retreats of years ago (and continuing last year), all family activity events, picnics, and our educational programming for both children and adults.
All these moments created friends for a lifetime, and bonds to a larger community that support and sustain me every day.
-Carol G.