Sponsor Shabbat Oneg and Kiddush

You are cordially invited to participate in our Congregational Oneg Shabbat and Saturday morning Kiddush as a sponsor.

The Oneg Shabbat (pareve dessert and fruit) and Shabbat Kiddush (light lunch) are wonderful opportunities to welcome visitors and newcomers, socialize with friends and add a warmth and friendship to our weekly Shabbat worship.

A suggested contribution would be in the chai ($18) to double chai ($36) range.

Your donation is strictly voluntary. However your contribution will help assure continuation of this wonderful tradition here at Adath. You will be recognized for your donation the week we receive it.
Also, please remember Adath when you have a simcha or a special memory you wish to share with Adath! Our catering committee would love to create a special event for you!!

Please call 609-896-4977 or visit the Adath Israel office if you want to make a donation using your credit card.