Caring Acts of Tzedakah Week of August 5 – 11, 2022

Bikur Cholim
In Memory of
Rabbi Daniel Grossman from Judy and Randy Gartner
Chesed Fund
In Memory of
Rabbi Daniel T. Grossman from Aaron Appelstein
Rabbi Daniel T. Grossman from Florence Lipstein
Rabbi Daniel T. Grossman from Karen Katz

General Fund
Condolences To
Elayne Robinson Grossman and Family from Marcia and Jay Margolis
Donation by
Aaron Appelstein
Get Well
Refuah Shlema! Wishing Leslie Burstyn a speedy recovery from here recent surgery. from Janice Pincus
In Memory Of
Rabbi Daniel Grossman from Eileen & Elliot Berkman and Family
Rabbi Daniel Grossman from Carole & Charles Byer
Rabbi Daniel Grossman from Jerome & Judith Caplan
Rabbi Daniel Grossman from Marilyn Greenberg
Rabbi Daniel Grossman from Robert & Rosalyn Gross
Rabbi Daniel Grossman from Ellen & Edward Laub
Rabbi Daniel Grossman from Sara Gelfand Krantz and Family
Rabbi Daniel T. Grossman from Brenda and Larry Solomon
Rabbi Daniel T. Grossman from Janice Pincus
Rabbi Daniel T. Grossman from Jeffrey & Judith Gelfand
Rabbi Daniel T. Grossman from Mark & Michelle Pressman
Leon Siskowitz Cultural Memorial Fund
In Memory of
Jacob Abramovich from Abe & Bernice Abramovich
Rabbi Daniel Grossman from Abe & Bernice Abramovich
Religious School Fund
In Memory of
Rabbi Grossman from Jonathan, Maia & Noam Miller
Sacks Wilner Holocaust Education Fund
In Memory of
Rabbi Daniel Grossman from Linda & Stephen Gallon