Adath’s Beginnings

While Adath was founded on October 15, 1923, the process that led to the creation of our synagogue actually began with a letter dated November 2, 1920. In my sermon on the first day of Rosh Hashanah 2022, I explore the reasons why a group of 18 Jewish residents of Trenton invited their fellow community members to join them at a meeting to discuss the creation of a new Conservative synagogue in the city. Their situation has many parallels to ours today.

For my sermon, I used documents from Adath’s Linder Archives which you can view below.

November 2, 1920 Letter to the Trenton Community

November 14, 1920 Newspaper Article – Jews to Organize New Congregation

January 3, 1921 Letter to Rev Dr Israel Goldstein

1922 Newspaper Article – To Address Jews Here

November 13, 1922 Meeting Minutes

The New Conservative Synagogue in Trenton

October 15, 1923 Letter to the Mercer County Clerk

Silver Anniversary History from 1948

50 Years … How It All Began – Adath Israel News from 1973

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